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Volterra Center

Santa Maria Maddalena Conference Centre

150 meters from the Hotel meeting rooms for 12 to 150

The Conference Centre, situated in the heart of Volterra, is just 150 metres from the San Lino Hotel. A newly designed staircase inserts the Center into the street that hosts it and connects it to the heart of Volterra.

Hotel Volterra Centro Congressi Santa Maria Maddalena a 150 metri dall'hotel San Lino
Hotel Volterra Centro Congressi Santa Maria Maddalena a 150 metri dall'hotel San Lino

“Volterra” and “Leonardo”

Congress Center in Volterra ★★★★

On the first floor there are two splendid halls, the “Volterra” and the “Leonardo” which can accommodate up to 150 people each. The Leonardo Hall can be divided into three separate rooms by two mobile soundproof walls. The Dante Room, on the same floor seats 35 people. Two smaller rooms, The Petrarca Room seats 12 and the Boccaccio Room seats 15. On the ground floor the Galileo Room seats 16 and the Giotto Room seats 14.

They are spaces recovered and intended to host small meetings, working groups, press conferences: in short, all the multiple activities into which a congress is necessarily divided.

The conference center is equipped with every technological system that makes it suitable for every type of conference:

• Fixed and mobile amplification systems
• Multi-scan video projectors
• Closed circuit TV
• Cameras and Telecinema
• Overhead projectors
• Video recording systems
• Projection screens
• Luminous boards
• Sala di Regia
• Fixed and mobile simultaneous translation booths

• Reception facilities
• Pressroom
• Room for photocopies
• Typing room
• General conditioning plant
• Fire and fire detection system
• Anti-intrusion system
• Static rescuer

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